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Frank J. Andriuli was born in New York City, but raised in New Jersey.  He received a BA in Biology and Psychology from Rutgers University.  He worked as a biologist, eventually becoming a Research Biologist.  Somewhere along the way, because of his interest in numbers also received a Bachelors in Accounting.  He has had a love for writing fiction since high school and despite some gaps has continued doing so.  He had some inspiration when in college he met Professor and International poet, John Ciardi, who advised him to never stop writing.

Book Shelf:

A. Short Short Stories that have been published on Amazon.com, to date.

The Silent Captain      Thicker Than Water      The Ugly Sparrow

The Poor Loser               Best Friends

B. Slightly longer Stories, to date.

Love Is Blind

C. Now !  Published !  My new novel !

THE PEOPLE FACTORY – A Futuristic Thriller

Available on Amazon.com as an eBook and also Paperback edition.

Also on the publisher’s site where on My Bookshop discount coupons available from time to time. See link below. If you run into a problem, email me at FrankA08837@gmail.com